Apple Jailbreakers Love Kim Dotcom’s Mega

This year two giants in their respective fields launched important new products into the technology marketplace. Now they’re boosting the success of each other’s services.

In mid-January, a year to the day since his creation Megaupload was destroyed by U.S. authorities, Kim Dotcom and friends launched

This new file-hosting venture went off with a bang, gaining not only massive news coverage but also a fresh, growing and largely impressed userbase. A month after its launch Mega had more than three million members and is still growing today.

Just about two weeks after the Mega launch, a group of iOS hackers calling themselves the Evad3rs team released the Evasi0n jailbreak for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini, iPod Touch) running iOS 6.0 and 6.1. In less than a week more than seven million people had used the tool and by mid March that had increased to a massive 18 million.

Now, around three months after the launch of both projects, it’s interesting to see how much they are relying on each other. Along with Box and RapidShare, Evad3rs chose to host the (completely legal) Evasi0n jailbreak files. It’s been a fruitful, albeit unofficial, partnership.

According to Alexa, is currently supplying 5.63% of’s web traffic. The only referrer to send more traffic is Google with 6.46%, two places ahead of Facebook sending 5.17%.


On the flipside also feeds Of all users, 8.35% had visited directly before. Google is Evasi0n’s number one referrer with 15.77%.


Finally, while we’re on the subject of webstats, as pointed out by a user on Twitter today, in just a matter of months has grown from nothing to become the third most-visited domain.


Quite an achievement.


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