ISPs: Blocking The Pirate Bay is Dangerous Censorship


Two major Swedish ISPs are warning that a possible court-ordered Pirate Bay blockade will introduce a dangerous and unwarranted form of censorship. Instead, they encourage copyright holders to collaborate with them to find better solutions to the piracy problem.

BBC Scrambles to Plug Planet Earth II Finale Leak

BBC Worldwide is working with at least one third-party anti-piracy company in a large effort to contain a leak of its Planet Earth II season finale. Episode 6, titled "Cities," has been doing the rounds on hundreds of pirate haunts for a week, leaked from a retail Blu-ray disc before its official release.

Alleged KickassTorrents Owner Leaves Prison for Hospital

Facing severe health issues, alleged KickassTorrents owner Artem Vaulin has been transferred from Polish prison to a local hospital. While he is now able to receive proper care, his conditions are far from ideal. Vaulin is permanently guarded by four officers and is handcuffed to his bed at night, which may cause nerve damage according to doctors.

BREIN Settles With Private Torrent Tracker Uploaders


BREIN has signed settlements with eight people who were uploaders at a local private torrent tracker. The pirate group agreed to pay 60,000 euros in total. The private tracker and an unlicensed radio station, where two uploaders were DJ'ing, were closed as well.

Movie Pirate Sites Disappear From Google’s Search Results

Several prominent movie pirate sites have completely disappeared from Google's search results. The list includes domain names belonging to streaming portals 123movies and Fmovies, which both have millions of visitors. At the same time, the popular converter platform YouTube-MP3 has also been stripped from Google's listings.

UK Government Spied on BitTorrent Users – in Planes


BitTorrent users all around the globe are well aware that they're probably being monitored as they share files from home or workplace. However, it now appears that the spies employed at the UK's GCHQ have also monitored torrents being transferred by airline passengers more than 10,000ft up in the sky.

Selling Media Players With Pirate Add-ons is Illegal, Says Top EU Adviser

Selling media players with pirate add-ons violates EU law, according to a recommendation from Advocate General Campos Sánchez-Bordona. He issued the advice in a landmark case over the legality of pre-loaded XBMC/Kodi devices, which are widely sold across Europe. Whether users of these players also liable depends on whether they know that the content is infringing.