SOPA Ghosts Hinder U.S. Pirate Site Blocking Efforts


US music and movie industry companies helped to get pirate sites blocked in many countries but on their home turf, legal action is surprisingly absent. For years we have wondered why local ISPs are being left alone and we now have an answer. Former RIAA executive Neil Turkewitz says that SOPA's ghosts have been a major stumbling block.

Private Torrent Sites Allow Users to Mine Cryptocurrency for Upload Credit


As cryptocurrency mining becomes more closely associated with 'pirate' sites, some private torrent trackers are implementing an interesting solution to their own economic problems. Through the use of miners, users are able to generate revenue for a site but they're also given so-called 'upload credit' in return, which in itself is a virtual currency variant used to 'buy' content.

Hitman’s Bodyguard Pirates Get Automated $300 Fine


The Hitman's Bodyguard did well at the box office this summer but at the same time, it was one of the most pirated films. The filmmakers were obviously not happy with this development so in a counter-attack, they are now sending out automated $300 fines.

Spotify Threatened Researchers Who Revealed ‘Pirate’ History

A team set to publish a book on the untold history of Spotify were threatened by the company, one of its researchers has revealed. Earlier this year, Rasmus Fleischer, who was also one of the early figures at The Pirate Bay, said that Spotify used 'pirate' MP3s to launch its beta. Soon after, the researchers were contacted by a lawyer, with strong suggestions to stop what they're doing.

“Pirate Sites Generate $111 Million In Ad Revenue a Year”


A new report commissioned by the Trustworthy Accountability Group estimates that the top "pirate sites" generate $111 million in annual ad revenue. However, they say that this figure could have been twice as much without the ad-industry's anti-piracy efforts. While the numbers are certainly impressive, insiders and experts suggest they are way off.

Yarrrr! Dutch ISPs Block The Pirate Bay But It’s Bad Timing for Trolls


By the end of today, two major Dutch ISPs will be blocking The Pirate Bay after several years of legal dispute. While local anti-piracy outfit BREIN will be rubbing its hands at this fairly historic victory, it comes at a less opportune time for the copyright trolls waiting to squeeze thousands of euros from the hands of Dutch pirates.