Google Now Card Offers Deadpool Piracy Advice

Millions of users of Android and iOS devices are using Google Now, the personal digital assistant that can respond to questions and offer intelligent recommendations. Surprisingly, however, Google Now recently noted a user's interest in Deadpool and served up a Card linking to a torrent site offering it for download.

BREIN Shuts Down Torrent Release Group 2Lions-Team

Anti-piracy group BREIN has won ex-parte injunctions against several members of the Dutch torrent release group 2Lions-Team. Together with two other members, the trio must pay damages totaling €67,500. In addition, they have agreed to remove thousands of torrents that were shared on popular sites such as The Pirate Bay,…

Judges: Geolocation Not Good Enough to Pinpoint Pirates


Two Californian judges have thrown up a roadblock for Malibu Media, the adult media publisher that files thousands of copyright lawsuits each year. Both judges have refused to grant a subpoena to expose the personal details of alleged pirates, arguing that the geolocation tools that linked the wrongdoers to their…

68% of Digital Content Providers Geo-Block in the EU


Initial findings published as a result of the EU Commission's e-commerce antitrust inquiry reveal widespread content blocking across the European Union. According to the report, 68% of digital content providers say they block consumers located in other EU countries, with 74% of all fiction TV licensing agreements demanding the practice.