Court to Decide Whether Sweden Blocks The Pirate Bay

A panel of three judges will soon decide whether The Pirate Bay should be blocked in Sweden. The case, which began yesterday in the Stockholm District Court, sees the combined might of several movie, music and TV companies against local service provider Bredbandsbolaget. Despite intense pressure the ISP maintains it…

Cash Bounties for Catching Cinema Pirates Doubles in UK

The Federation Against Copyright Theft has announced increased bounties for workers who prevent pirates from camming movies in UK cinemas. During a ceremony at Universal Pictures, 13 cinema staff were also handed awards after foiling attempts to record movies including Fast and Furious 7 and Minions earlier in the year.

Popcorn Time & YTS Global Outages Cause Concern

A confusing situation is underway after the main Popcorn Time fork went down and its Facebook and Twitter accounts disappeared. Simultaneously,, the video resource on which the Popcorn Time application relies, has also gone offline. While there are signs the outages aren't linked, the combination is causing much concern.

MPAA Asks Government to Facilitate Private Anti-Piracy Deals

The MPAA has asked the U.S. Government for help in its efforts to reach private anti-piracy agreements with search engines, domain name registrars and hosting services. The Hollywood group believes that these three industries have shown "lagging progress" and should do more to deter online copyright infringement.

BrowserPopcorn Shut Down By the MPAA, Dev Says

A new Popcorn Time-like service has reportedly been shut down by the MPAA. BrowserPopcorn utilized components used by the regular Popcorn Time and placed them in a browser, but after just a couple of days online the service is toast. However, despite being nicely put together, the service wouldn't have…