Axxo Returns to Mininova, Or Does He?

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When the popular DVD ripper aXXo stopped releasing new torrents earlier this year many loyal fans were left disappointed. After nearly five months of absence early indications seemed to indicate that he's back in business. However, those who look closer will notice that something is amiss.

axxoThis March, aXXo – BitTorrent’s most praised uploader – went silent. In the months that followed many people wondered what had happened to him, while some even decided to exploit the situation by posing as aXXo on various sites.

However, to the delight of millions of his loyal fans aXXo seemed to have returned today. After nearly five months of absence two new uploads were submitted to Mininova a few hours ago – both were uploaded by the ‘official’ aXXo account and appear to be legit.

The last time aXXo reappeared after taking a long break, the symbolic title “I Am Legend” was the first torrent to be uploaded. This time around aXXo appeared more humble with the release of “Kung Fu Panda” and “Bee Movie.” But these are not the only oddities.

aXXo’s ‘new’ uploads


Strangely enough both titles have been uploaded before by aXXo, about a year ago. A quick look at the torrent file reveals that these new aXXo torrents were indeed created months ago. The only thing new about them is that they’ve been re-uploaded to Mininova.

What is even more strange is that aXXo was not the only user to upload these titles yesterday. Dozens of new “Kung Fu Panda” and “Bee Movie” torrents were submitted to Mininova yesterday, some by well known uploaders like FXG, FXM and KLAXXON who have all been inactive for weeks or months.

The issue seems to be specific to Mininova since none of the uploaders have added these old torrents to the other sites they generally upload to, such as Darkside.rg in aXXo’s case. So what happened then?

While we don’t have any conclusive evidence, our best guess is that there was a glitch in Mininova’s system that caused these ‘new’ uploads to appear all of a sudden. This would mean that aXXo fans will have to wait a little longer for his return and that shouting about a comeback is a perhaps a little premature.

Update: The torrents have been removed by Mininova, but torrents for the same movie titles (all uploaded on August 6) are still listed.


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