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Watch out for a new Windows BitTorrent client called BitRoll. Users are reporting that it installs malware on their PCs and creates pop-up ads whenever they open their browsers.

BitRoll LogoWhen you visit the BitRoll site (better left unlinked), after a few seconds, it automatically redirects you to the download page. The download page is filled with fake positive remarks about the client. It also claims that BitRoll has been “rated as the most popular BitTorrent client.” Clicking anywhere on the download page will cause BitRoll to be downloaded to your computer.

Firefox is not affected by the pop-up ads, but a user on the mininova forums has confirmed that Internet Explorer is.

Most people who have downloaded and installed BitRoll have done so to get a password for a RAR file in a torrent they have downloaded. These torrents are fakes. The text file that these torrents contain instructs users to download and install BitRoll in order to unlock the RARs. A bootleg copy of Casino Royal is one of many such fake torrents.

Torrents\Casino Royale (2006) PuKKa TELECiNE KvCD by Hockney(TUS Release).rar.torrent

The malware bundled with BitRoll is a sponsor program called “Cidhelp”. Apparently, it can be easily removed from the Windows Control Panel. As long as your anti-spyware or anti-virus program has not damaged any of its files, it will be removed when you uninstall it. The same goes for BitRoll.

There are posts on the mininova and Slyck forums about BitRoll, warning people to stay away from the site and not to download the client.

The grammatical errors on the site tell us that BitRoll isn’t developed in the United States or any other English speaking country. :-)

The purpose of BitRoll is giving users a great BitTorrent client that is extremely simple, easy to use and get started with. We prefer less features that actually works and a great user interface.

We believe that everyone should be able to use the torrent technology without having to be computer experts!

Happy rolling!


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