BitTorrent 2005 part 7, Advancing

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So where do we go from here? What's the next step, what's hot and what will 2006 bring to the BitTorrent community? More rss? AJAX? a little more web 2.0? Great Design?

One promising project that tries to incorporate these things, and is going to be released this year is "tape it of the internet" (tioti). Tapeitofftheinternet is combining BitTorrent, rss, great design and a social network to create a community for sharing tv related torrents.

Some screenshots (removed from the actual site)




To date this service is pre-beta, but if this project is finalized, it will be a gret step forward for BitTorrent.

Another project that will have a great impact is the allpeers extension for Firefox. The allpeers extension makes it possible to share pictures, music and video’s within Firefox. I would never recommend to use it as a BitTorrent client, but that’s not really what it’s ment for anyway. However, it’s definately a great way to make use of the BitTorrent protocol.

Both project are in the private Beta phase… well at least we have something to look forward to this year.

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