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With TorrentFlux B4RT you can easily transform any webserver into a powerful, all-in-one filesharing portal. You can either pimp an old and unused desktop PC, or install it on a remote server.

b4rtTorrentflux b4rt is based on the original torrentflux web-based BitTorrent client, and designed to run off a web server. However, the modifications implemented in b4rt make it much more than a BitTorrent client. In fact, it supports 4 different BitTorrent clients, can download files from Usenet, supports multiple users, and allows you to stream media back to your desktop computer.

Torrentflux-b4rt started out as an attempt to integrate all the existing torrentflux hacks that users have made over the years. As they explain on their website: “torrentflux-b4rt was an attempt to sidestep the complicated mess of adding hacks and modifications to the base torrentflux system in a random way, as well as allowing users more choice in which BitTorrent clients they used with torrentflux.”

The software currently includes 4 different BitTorrent clients, Azureus, Transmission, BitTorrent mainline and BitTornado, which can be configured separately for every .torrent you download. In addition it can handle .nzb files to download easily from Usenet, and uses wGet to download files over HTTP/FTP.

Torrentflux-b4rt is pretty much a fully-featured filesharing portal, it comes with a built in file-manager that can extract rar-archives, and a great web-player (VLC) that allows you to stream media files to your local computer. The software is easy to install and configure through any web browser. It is an ideal solution if you want to manage your downloads on a computer other than your desktop machine.

The software runs on any Unix like OS. It has a command line version for advanced users, so you can set cron jobs to watch folders for new torrent files, automatically download .torrent files from RSS feeds, and much more.

Below is a screenshot of the index page, more info and screenshots can be found at TorrentFlux b4rt’s homepage.

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