BitTorrent Oscars: Pan’s Labyrinth Big Winner

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The absolute winner of the OscarTorrent night 2007 is Pan's Labyrinth with 6 Oscars, including the Oscar for best foreign language film. Blood Diamond is runner up with 3 Oscars. An Inconvenient Truth, The Departed, and Children of Men were all rewarded with 2 Oscars, and Marty Scorsese got his first award from the pirates.

oscar is the pirate alternative for the Academy Awards, and was supported by the popular BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay. The website launched early February, and offered torrents for all the 2007 Oscar nominees. Everyone could download and watch the movies, and then vote for their favorite.

The project turned out to be a great success, over 100.000 votes were casted in less than three weeks. It is not sure if there will be another OscarTorrents night next year, if it is up to the OscarTorrents team, there wont be.

On the site we read” “to the MPAA and Big Hollywood. We hope we won’t have to do this again next year. Hopefully you’ll do it for us”

But that’s probably not going to happen. The list of all the OscarTorrent winners can be found over here.


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