BitTorrent Researchers Invent New Anti-Piracy Tool: FUD

Yes, here we go again. Remember the fine BitTorrent researchers at Ballarat University’s Internet Commerce Security Laboratory?

Well, they’re back.

This time they don’t have much data to share. Instead, they came up with a revolutionary tool that will soon end all piracy on the Internet.

“The international movie industry has a new weapon against internet pirates – a program written by two Ballarat computer scientists,” The Herald Sun wrote two days ago.

“PhD student Robert Layton and researcher Prof Paul Watters, of Ballarat University’s Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL), wrote a program that can track illegal downloads through torrent websites,” the article adds.

How revolutionary. Those who read on will notice that they actually wrote a tracker scraper. Something anyone with a little bit of coding experience can do. Or even better, hire a cheap freelancer who’ll build one for you in less than a day.

Nothing new here.

Even worse, the only part where some actual knowledge about BitTorrent is required – interpreting the results – is the weak spot of these genius researchers. They failed this test not once, but twice already.

What they’re good at though, with a little help from the press, is creating FUD. Perhaps that justifies the funding from the entertainment industry.


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