BitTorrent Shows Explosive Growth in Germany

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A recent analysis of the latest P2P trends in Germany shows that BitTorrent is now the most popular filesharing protocol in the country, leaving eDonkey behind for the first time. This growth can be called explosive because more than 50% of the German filesharers now use BitTorrent, in 2005 this was only 1 in 5.

BitTorrent germany surveyThe P2P traffic analysis was conducted by Ipoque, and looked into the latest filesharing trends in Germany. The popularity of BitTorrent in Germany is surprising because eDonkey has been the preferred method to share files for years, and accounted for 75% of the P2P traffic in 2005.

The survey also reports that P2P traffic now accounts for 30% of the total Internet traffic during daytime, and 70% at night. This means that during the night, more than one third of all the Internet traffic is BitTorrent related.

Video files are by far the most popular in terms of traffic (71%), followed by software (21%) and audio (8%). If we look at the actual number of files shared on P2P networks video files are again in the lead (47%): 15% of all the video files shared on P2P networks are porn movies, 21% movies and 11% TV-series.


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