BitTorrent Video Store Coming Soon

The long awaited BitTorrent Video store will be launched by the end of this year. The video store will offer full-length and short movies, TV-shows, concerts, and other media.

BitTorrent video storeBitTorrent Inc already signed deals with Warner Bros and other movie distributors including Hart Sharp, Koch, Egami, The Orchard. BitTorrent will also include “foreign” content from for example China, Japan and India.

And there will probably be more. BitTorrent spokeswoman Lily Lin told TorrentFreak that they are still negotiating with other studios and independents. She added:

As far as content is concerned, we’re aiming to be as comprehensive as possible. There will be movies as well as TV shows and other media.

The store will offer “video on demand” and “download to own” content that will be seeded in their recently upgraded server park.

Stay tuned.


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