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Boxopus is a new service that enables people to download torrents directly to their Dropbox account. With clever use of Dropbox's API, BitTorrent users can add torrent files totally anonymously and without the need for a BitTorrent client. Torrent sites can add Boxopus as a new download option for their users, which some already have.

Founded in 2007, Dropbox has quickly become the leading player in cloud hosting and synchronization services.

The service is loved by many for its ease of use, and thanks to the newly launched Boxopus site, BitTorrent users are now able to automatically put torrent downloads in their Dropbox folder. It only takes one click and the files are downloaded and synced to all computers.

Using the service is easy. People can securely use their Dropbox credentials to pair Dropbox with Boxopus, and add as many torrents as they like. The Boxopus servers will then take care of the downloading and put the completed downloads in a folder.

“Cloud storage is an emerging trend, it’s obvious that sooner or later everything will be in the cloud. That’s why we decided to unite Dropbox and BitTorrent to make downloads as easy as 1 click, without using even a BitTorrent client,” Boxopus founder Alex told TorrentFreak.

One of the main benefits to users is that they can add torrents to their Dropbox from work, school or on the road. The files will then be automatically synced to all computers running Dropbox. Another plus side is that these downloads are anonymous, as Boxopus takes care of the downloading.

Boxopus downloads

Boxopus uses the Dropbox API, meaning that the site has no access to any other files stored on your account. The main downside is, however, that downloading generally takes a bit longer because Dropbox sync speeds are limited.

For torrent sites Boxopus offers the option to add direct integration with their service.

TorrentReactor,, and have already added support, and the Boxopus team hopes that more torrent sites will add a one-click download button to their sites in the near future.

The Boxopus team told TorrentFreak that the service will be completely free and unlimited during beta testing stage. After that, some limits will be imposed on free subscriptions.


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