BTDigg Adds uTorrent Ratings to Search Results

BTDigg is the first ever search engine for so-called “trackerless torrents”. The site has been in operation for a year and is still going strong.

Rather than searching for .torrent files around the web like most engines, BTDigg scans BitTorrent’s DHT (Distributed Hash Table) to discover new files instead.

In theory, BTDigg should be able to discover any torrent sitting in a torrent client anywhere in the world, providing the torrent has DHT enabled in its settings.

This means that torrents don’t even have to be uploaded to a torrent site, further decentralizing the BitTorrent ecosystem.

But it does even more now.

A few months ago uTorrent added “decentralized” ratings for torrents to its BitTorrent client, and BTDigg is now using this information in their search results as well.

This means that when people rate a torrent in uTorrent, these ratings will eventually show up on BTDigg.

Users of the site can use this info to spot the best torrents in a long list of search results.

BTDigg search results



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