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Due to server complications, CBC decided to team up with mininova and let them seed the torrent files for "Canada's Next Great Prime Minister." It is great to see that mainstream broadcasters use BitTorrent to share their content online, and even better, that they use mininova's content distribution platform to do so.

cbc mininovaLast week we reported that CBC, Canada’s public television broadcaster, was about to release CNGPM on BitTorrent. Because of server issues, CBC has now turned to mininova, who now seed the torrent files for the show.

Tessa Sproule, head of CBC’s Digital Programming told TorrentFreak: “We had aimed to include a direct link to the torrent files on, but ran into a conflict with the CBC server which meant we needed to point to the file elsewhere, and that’s where Mininova came in. Since then, we’ve also submitted the CNGPM BitTorrent to Miro, Vuze, and a number of other torrent sites/services.”

Mininova’s content distribution platform, which currently has over 300 premium publishers, is ideal in this case because the BitTorrent site will also take care of the seeding, making sure the torrents never die. All CBC has to so is upload the file, and the torrent will automatically created and seeded for them.

When asked about the reason why CBC decided to use BitTorrent, Sproule said: “The show started online with a YouTube casting call in which 144 bright young Canada’s created and uploaded their own video pitches for why they would be a great leader of Canada. Making the final show available online, DRM-free, was our way of giving back.”

CBC thinks that BitTorrent is one of the easiest and most effective ways to share their shows. “As Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC is mandated to make its programming available throughout Canada by the most appropriate and efficient means. I believe BitTorrent is a terrific distribution technology and absolutely something we as a public broadcaster should be experimenting with,” Sproule added.

Mininova, on the other hand, is happy to welcome CBC to their content distribution platform. We asked Niek, one of the founders of Mininova, for a response and he said: “This is terrific news, it’s great to see that broadcasters start using BitTorrent instead of fighting it. we expect that more (broadcasters) will follow in the near future.”

With torrent files seeded from the Mininova servers, Canadians should be able to download the show in a few minutes. That is, if Canadian ISPs aren’t throttling their traffic.

Update: It turns out that mininova is not seeding the files yet. The files on mininova use the Pirate Bay tracker. Mininova’s Erik told use that the torrents will be updated tomorrow. So, for now the credit goes to The Pirate Bay. Thanks Alan!


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