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This cartoon collection is definitely a must-see for all Superman fans and cartoon enthusiasts. Free to download, and free to share.

superman collectionThe cartoons are produced by Fleischer Studios Inc which was founded by the Fleischer brothers back in 1921. Due to a lack in copyright renewal they all entered the public domain, so now everyone can enjoy them for free.

The collection comprises of seventeen Superman cartoons originally released in movie theaters between 1941-1943. The cartoons are directed by Dave Fleischer himself, co-founder of the famous Fleischer Studios. The series of shorts started with “Superman” on September 26, 1941, which was nominated for an Academy Award.

This first short is about a mad scientist who threatens to destroy Metropolis and kidnaps Lois Lane. Superman comes to the rescue and triumphs over him. This first episode had a budget of $100,000, which is the highest budget ever for a theatrical short.

The Superman collection contains the following Superman cartoons:

  • Superman (aka The Mad Scientist)
  • The Mechanical Monsters
  • Billion Dollar Limited
  • The Arctic Giant
  • The Bulleteers
  • The Magnetic Telescope
  • Electric Earthquake
  • Terror on the Midway
  • Japoteurs
  • Showdown
  • Eleventh Hour
  • Destruction, Inc.
  • The Mummy Strikes
  • Jungle Drums
  • The Underground World
  • Secret Agent
  • Size: 698MB
    Runtime: 109 Minutes
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