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The MPAA announced their second annual anti-piracy propaganda contest. The goal is to create the most effective anti-piracy public service announcement (PSA).

The contest is open for all students of US “students in free enterprise” (STIFE) Universities.

Piracy is the greatest obstacle the film industry currently faces the according to MPAA Chairman Dan Glickman. “We remain committed to educating students, parents and all consumers to aggressively tackle the threat of piracy,” he said.

The MPAA has been very successful in recruiting America’s youth for their war on piracy. A few weeks ago they teamed up with the LA Boy Scouts, who can earn a “merit patch in respecting copyright” when they write an anti-piracy pamphlet or brochure.

Here’s one of last years entries to the anti-piracy contest. I don’t really get the message, but perhaps some of you do…


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