Copyright Bully Deletes Own Anti-Bully Rant

It’s always amusing when people are hoist by their own petard.

Copyright Troll lawyer John Steele tried to avoid this fate by doing a little editing of past entries on his corporate site.

Just over 4 years ago, Steele wrote an article about an opposing “bully” counsel in a family law case. However, you now can only read his complaint with some difficulty.

As noted by Fightcopyrighttrolls, Steele has deleted the post since the start of June. Luckily, the page still exists in Google’s cache, as shown here.

The cached copy, and as it is now - click to enlarge

He does note early on that “I suppose I can see how being an ass might get you somewhere if you are up against a pro se party who has no idea of what is happening, or maybe a timid transaction attorney…”

This could explain why in recent years, he has decided to adopt that persona?

The probable reason for deletion is the last paragraph, which harms his bottom line.

“Standing up to a bully, whether some blowhard attorney, or an 8th grader feels good. Try it sometime.”

Good advice for anyone who has had one of these bullies try and shake them down.


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