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Just a few years ago downloading from the Internet was a relatively niche activity but now all kinds of big names are getting in on the action. In a new promotion about to launch, motor manufacturer Mitsubishi has hidden parts of its new Colt car on BitTorrent sites and other P2P-networks. First to find and assemble them all gets a free car.

When it comes to collecting pieces of something from the far-flung corners of the web and re-assembling them to make not only a cool, but also free item, BitTorrent users are the reigning champions of the Internet. Time to turn those skills into hard cash – well, a car at least.

In preparation for a brand new promotion set to launch in hours, Japanese motor manufacturer Mitsubishi has (virtually) disassembled a brand new 2009 Colt car and uploaded its parts to the Internet. The components (30 different types in all) have been hidden on hundreds of regular plus BitTorrent and eDonkey websites.

Find the parts and win a car.


The first Internet user to find all 30 parts will be the winner of a brand new Mitsubishi Colt car – already assembled for their convenience. The promotion is premiered to coincide with the launch of the Barcelona Motor Show, which begins this Friday May 8.

Anyone interested in entering should register at Just pretend to be Spanish.


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