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Home > Piracy > is a brand new service that allows users to download torrent files at blazing speeds to a remote server. Once finished, users can download the files to their home computers or stream video files directly to their Internet browser or media player. Two hundred lucky TorrentFreak readers can get invites to the beta.

put.ioThe Turkey-based start-up markets itself as a premier torrent download service, but it’s more than that. In addition to torrents the service supports Rapidshare links, while users can also use as an online backup platform by uploading files from their computer.

Downloading torrents files through is achieved with just a few clicks. All that it takes is pasting in a torrent url and takes care of the download through their connection. Once the download is finished, users can transfer it to their computer, or stream it directly from the remote server if it’s a video file.

The user interface and design of the site is intuitive and easy to use, but perhaps more importantly it was extremely fast during our tests and easily maxed out our connection. However, when more people join and the load on the servers goes up, there could be a degradation in performance.

So what’s the catch you might ask? For beta users the service is totally free, no strings attached. However, once the service goes out of beta it will require users to pay a monthly fee. One of the major downsides, however, is that the service currently requires an invite to join.

There’s some good news for BitTorrent enthusiasts, though. “Right now we’re in private beta. We’re testing our capacity and we need heavy torrent downloaders,”’s Hasan informed us, while generously offering some invites to curious TorrentFreak readers

We have 200 beta invites to give away, we lobbied for more but Hasan didn’t want to take that risk, expressing concern that the service could not handle the surge in load and bandwidth at this stage.

“I wish I could, but unfortunately we have to go slow with the invites. You can imagine that the load and bandwidth can go up quickly. I can go as high as 200. If it turns out, we can take the load, I’ll add more later,” Hasan said.

The lucky few can use t0rr3ntfr34k to get in. Others will have to try one of the alternatives, or wait before more invites arrive and check out the video below in the meantime.

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