DRM is like a Speed Bump… on a Highway

DRM is nothing more than a “speed bump” according to Yahoo Music general manager David Goldberg. Every form of DRM will motivate Pirates to find a workaround, and the honest customers will pay the price.

yahoo music no drmGoldberg said this at the Digital Music Forum West conference in LA, and added that people who say that digital music can be protected are trying to sell nonsense.

Goldberg is convinced that not the pirates, but the honest customers will be hurt by the mass implementation of DRM. The DRM powered “a la carte download model” is a failure according to Goldberg, it only serves to dissuade consumers from buying music legally and instead keeps unauthorized peer-to-peer services in business. And apparently even the MPAA agrees (a little bit).

Yahoo Music manager Goldberg will try to proof his point by releasing Jesse McCartney’s latest album with and without DRM, for the same price. That should be an easy choice.


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