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A month after the tragic death of it's founder, Merrin, MVGroup is one step closer to his aim of 'educating the world via p2p'. Today, EZTV partners MVGroup in sharing documentaries via bittorrent.

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When we interviewed Merrin in April, we didn’t think it would spark a joint effort between EZTV – the leading TV-torrent distribution group, and MVGroup. However, as of today, MVGroup’s torrents will now be distributed by EZTV on their website, and IRC channel, in addition to MVGroup’s regular methods.

It seems to be an agreement that benefits both sides. MVGroup gets the exposure of EZTV’s fanbase, and several new seeders. EZTV on the other hand, expand their list of shows. This is particularly important at this time of year when most US shows have finished for the season, leaving them light on torrent releases, although EZTV admins claim this was incidental, and not planned.

MVGroup admins told TorrentFreak “[we] would like to take this opportunity to thank EZTV in helping us continue our founders legacy, to spread high quality educational material via p2p, to everyone, everywhere, for free and with no ratio.”

With the first shared releases out and available, we shall see with interest how well this works, especially if MVGroup sourced shows (what should we call them? MVTV? EZMV?) appear on our new Top TV shows lists.



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