Firestorm Adds BitTorrent Support to Firefox

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Firestorm is a new Firefox extension that enables Firefox users to download and monitor .torrent files in their browser. Firestorm is being developed as part of a Senior Software Engineering project at Penn State University. The first Alpha release is expected to be released later today.

The goal of Firestorm is to make downloading torrents as easy as downloading any other file inside your browser. This can be especially useful for people who are new to BitTorrent, or people that don’t need the advanced features most standalone clients offer.

In this early stage of development the configuration options of Firestorm are quite basic, but the most essential features like adjusting the up- and download speed are already in there.

Firestorm is based on the source code from the Official BitTorrent Client, which is modified to be integrated with Firefox. The developers plan to continue the development of the extension after the school project is finished, so they can add more features and keep the extension up-to date.

Frequent TorrentFreak readers probably know that Firestorm is not the first BitTorrent extension for Firefox, FoxTorrent and BitFox are similar projects that work on adding a BitTorrent download manager to Firefox. This is a good thing of course, a little competition will only benefit the users.

More screenshots over here.

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