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Playboy interviewed Nicholas McCarthy and Alex Kapranos, two of Franz Ferdinand's band members. The two seem to have a healthy and realistic view on filesharing.

When Playboy asks them what’s there position on the Ipod (which they seem to associate with filesharing) they answer.

NICK: I’m not quite sure. I think if you’re in one place, it’s nice to have an actual album, a record sleeve, the lyrics. So there will always be that element of wanting to own something and not just have a song on a hard drive. But I know I travel a lot – and I’ve always liked to travel light – I don’t like to have a lot of posessions. What I do is buy a CD and stick it in and rip it. Then I can listen to it and have it with me even if I lose the CD or give it away.

ALEX: I like the idea that, because of downloading, people are going to buy songs only if they are good. I think that’s a positive thing. It means lazy bands aren’t going to get away with giving you one hit single and an album full of filler. We like the idea that every song should stand up in its own right so you don’t have to listen to a song in the context of an album to understand it. I suppose that’s why I’m sympathetic to the download environment.

It seems like a healthy view on the music industry today, I hope more artists agree. As we reported before, filesharing actually seems to help less popular artists.

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