Google Objected To Anti-FileSharing Law Clause

This September New Zealand’s Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act kicks into action but according to a submissions released by the government, earlier this year Google objected to a clause in the legislation.

In common with many opposed to the so-called “three strikes” legislation, Google objected to a clause which means that individuals handed a warning for file-sharing infringements are presumed guilty, even if rights-holder evidence is weak.

Google’s submission, dated May 27th, suggested that Section 122N(1) of the Infringing File Sharing Amendment Act should be removed.

Google added that it would like to see copyright holders provide more information about alleged offenses and have a mechanism put in place to penalize them if they make false accusations.

Additionally, the search giant opposed the notion that infringers should be disconnected from the Internet.

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