How BitTorrent Clients Slow Down Windows

In general BitTorrent clients are not the most “resource using” applications. But how do they actually affect, and slow down Windows?

Thepcspy compared the three most popular BitTorrent clients. And it seems that uTorrent is indeed entitled to be called “the lightweight client”.

The mean boot time of Azureus, Bitcomet and uTorrent were compared on a Windows XP Pro clean install.

  • Azureus (+ Java Runtime) was slowing windows down the most. The test revealed a delay in the average boot time of 4.44%.
  • Bitcomet came in second with an average delay of 1.67 seconds, that is a slowdown of 2.22%.
  • uTorrent is the winner of these three BitTorrent clients, adding 1.33 seconds to Windows’ average boot time. A 1.78% slowdown, almost three times less than Azureus.
  • However, to put things into perspective, Norton Internet Security 2006 caused a 57.78% slowdown.


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