IP-Addresses of the 24,583 Hurt Locker ‘Victims’

Yesterday we covered the updated list of defendants in the Hurt Locker lawsuit.

By targeting 24,583 alleged BitTorrent users, Voltage Pictures set a new record in the ongoing mass-filesharing lawsuits in the U.S.

The Hurt locker makers initially sued 5,000 people but have recently updated their complaint.

Through the court they hope to get the identities of the alleged copyright infringers, so they can suggest them to settle the case for several thousands of dollars.

We managed to get a full list of the 24,583 IP-addresses (>400 pages) who are accused of downloading the Oscar-winning film.

The document is searchable, so if you’re worried that you may be one of the targets, here’s your chance to find out.


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