Japanese RIAA Now Understands BitTorrent

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The ISP of fenopy.com received a threat letter today from the RIAJ, the Japanese equivalent of the RIAA. The email included a list of torrents that linked to copyrighted work of Robbie Williams, P-Diddy and Jay-Z, and demanded the immediate takedown of the site in question.

raij BitTorrent fenopy copyrightThe admin of fenopy.com told TorrentFreak that their ISP was pretty intimidated by the threats. They were planning to cancel all services to fenopy.com. However, the ISP gave the site owner some time to work it out with the RIAJ, and he did.

The site owner wrote the RIAJ a detailed description of how BitTorrent actually works, that they have no control over the content that’s added, and that the files are not hosted on their servers.

The admin told the RIAJ that he was wiling to cooperate, and take down the torrents in question. Most other BitTorrent sites have a similar policy, and take down torrents if they’re asked to by the copyright holders.

Surprisingly enough the RIAJ was very pleased with the response from fenopy’s admin. The RIAJ thanked the admin for his swift and polite response, and said it was all good.

The RIAJ even told the admin that they were “friends” now, and that they would contact the him directly in the future, instead of sending threat mails to their ISP.

They all lived happily ever after.


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