MPAA Indoctrinates Boy Scouts to Use them as a Propaganda Tool

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The MPAA takes it to another level and teamed up with the LA Boy Scouts. The children can earn a "merit patch in respecting copyright" when they successfully follow an indoctrination course outlined by the MPAA.

mpaa patchThe MPAA has set up a program that is meant to imprint the MPAA’s one-sided view on copyrights on these youngsters. It is a cheap way for the MPAA to train some anti-piracy lobbyists.

As MPAA CEO Dan Glickman puts it:

One of the most important tools we have to fight piracy is education and I commend the Los Angeles area Boy Scouts for working with us to help raise awareness about piracy among their troops in Los Angeles.”

The MPAA clearly understands they need to get to them while they’re young (easier to brainwash). Here are some examples of the activities the Boy Scouts should engage in to obtain the questionable patch.

  • Write a Pamphlet/Brochure – Create a presentation (either in power-point format or a pamphlet/brochure) that demonstrates why copyright protection is important.
  • Go to a movie and stay through all of the credits. Tell your counselor and/or troop leader who you think, in addition to the main actors and actresses, would be hurt if that film were stolen?
  • Visit a video sharing network or peer to peer website and identify which materials are copyrighted and which aren’t.
  • Here’s a copy of the curriculum (pdf)

    Please parents, protect your children…


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