Kiwi’s Protest New Anti-Piracy Law

Last week, New Zealand joined the growing club of countries that have introduced special legislation to deal with illicit file-sharing.

Rushed through unexpectedly, the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill put in place a 3 strikes-style regime.

blackedIn response to the Government’s actions people immediately started to protest. As last year with operation blackout thousands of kiwis changed their Twitter and Facebook profile picture to a black one.

Yes, the profile picture revolution has started again….

I’ll be honest, personally I believe that changing your profile or joining a Facebook group is a laughable form of protest. If you really want to be heard you should get away from your computer, out on the streets.

That said, Facebook and Twitter can be a good tool to organize such real life protests. In new Zealand there are currently several demonstrations planned.

The demonstration at the Parliament in Wellington has over 300 confirmed attendees, and there are similar events in Christchurch and Auckland as well.

Join if you like, but please keep your profile picture…


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