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New Zealand Government Rushes Through Controversial Anti-Piracy Law

The New Zealand government has surprised the public and even some MPs by moving to rush through its controversial 3 strikes-style legislation today. The new measures will allow for users to be disconnected from the Internet for up to 6 months, based on infringement claims from copyright holders.

File-Sharing Protest Bomb Threat Video Lands Teenager in Court

A teenager who appears to have taken his protest against an anti-piracy law a little too far will find himself in court tomorrow. The 18-year-old allegedly posted a video on YouTube protesting the legislation just passed by New Zealand. In it he claimed that websites would be hacked and that…

New Zealand First to Adopt 3-Strikes Law for Pirates

New Zealand is known for sheep, rugby, and dramatic filming locations. However, it will also be known for being the first place in the world with a 3-strikes law for copyright infringement. The Copyright Amendment Act 2008 gained royal assent earlier this year, and goes into effect at the end…

New Zealand 3 Strikes Begins But Pirate Sabotage Is In The Air

Today marks the start of P2P network monitoring for New Zealand's "3 strikes" anti-filesharing legislation. As the government is criticized for not launching their official information resource until next week, a Reddit user claims to be using a government network to share Miley Cyrus movies. As an ISP account holder…

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