The MPAA Say They’re Environmentally Friendly

Yesterday the MPAA delivered an announcement trumpeting their ‘green’ credentials.

“In observance of Earth Day, the Motion Picture Association of America today announced that the major motion picture studios collectively prevented more than 40 million pounds – or 66 percent – of their studio sets and other solid waste from entering landfills
last year,” they said.

The movie group also noted that it’s also been busy planting trees – 1,006,639 trees in 15 countries on six continents in 2010 to be exact.

Paramount has also been doing their bit by installing 100 waterless urinals. That initiative has saved around 4 million gallons of water.

Meanwhile, the MPAA’s customer aren’t being very green at all, in fact their behavior has been extremely questionable. For the past several years they have been dumping MPAA-produced plastic discs into landfills at an alarming rate, yet the MPAA keeps on producing them. This shows all the signs of a classic communication breakdown.

Congratulations to the MPAA for cutting down on waste and pollution though, just a few notable steps to go.

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