Madonna to Release New Film on BitTorrent

Adding to the ever growing list of artists who embrace file-sharing, Madonna has teamed up with BitTorrent Inc.

Madonna’s new 17-minute film, secretprojectrevolution, will be unveiled to the world next week via BitTorrent.

The film is part of the Art For Freedom initiative through which the pop diva wants to promote freedom of expression.

P2P sharing is of course one of the icons of free expression, and BitTorrent Inc. is happy to release the film through one of its “Bundles.”

“The BitTorrent Bundle will include HD and 2K copies of the film, plus bonus content: an exclusive interview with Madonna, conducted by VICE’s Eddy Moretti, a message from Madonna, and trailers and stills from the shoot,” BitTorrent Inc announces.

The bundle will be available for download on September 24.



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