Major Upgrades at Newzbin to Accommodate Massive Usenet Retention

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After major Usenet provider Giganews announced that it would increase its data retention to a massive 200 days, the original nzb provider Newzbin invests heavily to maximize its usability.

Major Usenet provider Giganews announced this week that it would increase its retention to a mind-boggling 200 days, just 2 months after they announced an upgrade from 120 days and just 4 months after their maximum retention sat at 100 days. No other Usenet provider holds data for longer.

This rapid increase in retention has left many NZB“>.NZB indexing sites behind, unable to handle holding data for such a long time.

However, Newzbin, one of the original Usenet indexing sites and creators of the .NZB format, is currently addressing this situation.

According to Caesium, the administrator at Newzbin, their setup was designed years ago to handle 50 to 60 days retention but with various tweaks and modifications, they are able to squeeze just about 100 days from the equipment. Following the Giganews announcement, Caesium explained that Newzbin are working to upgrade their systems to handle the increased retention. “We are already making substantial monetary investment into new hardware to store the increased amount of data required to mirror this on Newzbin” he said in a post on the site.

New hardware is being bought and is “halfway in place” to not only match the 200 days offered by Giganews, but to better it by 150-200 days to an impressive 350 to 400 days retention.

Caesium continued, “Unfortunately buying, building, testing, and deploying this sort of hardware does not come quickly or cheaply, and we have no estimate as to when it will be complete.”

Newzbin is a premium site so those preferring to obtain their .nzb’s for free might consider sites such as Binsearch, who have an .nzb creator and offer around 158 days retention. Other free services include those from NZBIndex and NewzLeech.


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