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After trumpeting the start of a campaign this week to cut off payment processing to Mega, an anti-piracy outfit has just announced some developments. According to Robert King of StopFileLockers, out of a total of ten current Mega resellers, four have now withdrawn customer payment processing via PayPal.

As reported in our earlier article, Kim Dotcom and his associates are showing all the signs of being the “good corporate citizens” they’ve claimed to be all along.

Mega has launched under the best possible legal advice and has already shown this week that it will take content down when rightsholders submit complaints. Nevertheless, there are still entities watching the site for signs of the tiniest false move and some are even prepared to act first and ask questions later.

On Monday anti-piracy group StopFileLockers began a campaign a few days ago to have Mega resellers withdraw PayPal processing for the site. It hasn’t taken them long to claim results.

According to SFL head Robert King, out of Mega’s pool of ten resellers a total of four have now removed customers’ ability to pay for Mega via PayPal. The resellers are, GratisAntivirus, VoucherReseller and earlier this week, with Paypal


When asked about the resellers withdrawing their PayPal services King suggested that once alerted PayPal had simply applied their own terms of service.

“It’s been widely publicized that file sharing sites need to obtain pre-approval in order to process payments with PayPal,” King told TorrentFreak in a comment.

“Whilst we cannot speak for PayPal, we would expect that PayPal would simply be applying their standards fairly to all file sharing sites and that includes Mega and its resellers.”

As noted earlier, Mega has been taking down content this week following requests from rightsholders. When we put this to King he welcomed the news.

“If Mega is acting in full compliance with what is expected under law then we would see that as a step in the right direction,” he responded.

“We will co-operate with any file sharing or cloud storage provider to ensure that world’s best practice is observed when it comes to preventing the distribution of copyright infringing content. We are not in the business of targeting sites that are serious about preventing the mis-use of their services.”

Mega isn’t the only large file-sharing site to have its PayPal processing hit this week. After a long period of maintaining its account despite King’s efforts, Hotfile finally succumbed this week.

“While the MPAA was taking Hotfile to task for breaches of copyright, we took a holistic view of the systemic problems with the Hotfile service. After substantial examination and research we came up with one simple conclusion. Hotfile is a haven for the sharing of copyright and illegal content,” King explained.

“PayPal took the appropriate action against Hotfile and we would encourage any other payment processor considering doing business with this site to think twice before allowing Hotfile to continue.”


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