Mininova Launches Content Distribution Service

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The popular BitTorrent site Mininova officially launched its Content Distribution service, an easy way for indie publishers to share their content with a wide audience, for free of course.

Mininova Launches Indie Publisher PlatformAll the files published with the new Content Distribution (CD) service will be placed on the frontpage as featured content. The publishers don’t need to have any knowledge about BitTorrent because Mininova will create the torrent and make sure it is seeded.

This service will not only save publishers a lot of bandwidth, they will also reach a huge audience. Mininova is listed among the 50 most visited websites on the Internet and has nearly 30 million unique visitors a month.

“The reason we developed this service is that we’re used getting quite some emails from (mainly indie) content producers. Many of those are interested in publishing their content on Mininova, but that’s not an easy job. Most content producers have no technical knowledge of P2P and BitTorrent at all. We’re changing this with the introduction of CD.” writes Niek on the Mininova blog.

A few months ago, The Red Band Film Company already announced that it will use Mininova’s publisher platform to distribute their upcoming TV-show Pariah Island. Red Band executive producer Christopher Paris is excited about the new service, and said: “Mininova CD offers real power to independent media producers who need to reach consumers, but who don’t have access to the established channels which are locked up by the giant media corporations. Consumers want legal, independent media; mainstream distribution methods have failed to keep pace to meet that demand. By using Mininova CD, producers can get their product into consumer’s hands without the overhead, expense and aggravation of working with mainstream distributors”

Mininova’s content distribution service starts off with a lot of games, but is suites all kinds of media, such as movies, music and software. BitTorrent Inc., who launched their own content distribution platform last year already announced that they will syndicate the free content from their network with Mininova.

Mininova’s CD is a great outlet for indie publishers, last week we wrote an article on how independent filmmakers benefit from distributing on BitTorrent. Great films with a small budget are now being watched by millions of people, something that wouldn’t be possible without BitTorrent. Mininova’s CD now makes this even easier for these artist to show off their content, without having to worry about seeding the files.

Mininova Launches Content Distribution Service


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