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For the first time in its four year existence, Mininova now has a million torrent files stored on its servers. These meta-data files are spread out over 10 categories on this BitTorrent giant, with movies and music representing more than half of all the torrents.

To keep up with the exponential growth in its early days, Mininova was kindly hosted by Anakata of The Pirate Bay, and later by Gary Fung of isoHunt. Demand was high, so it didn’t take long before the site had to invest in their own servers to keep pace. Over the years, one thing hasn’t change though – Mininova’s upward growth.

With 734,300,000 page views in January, Mininova yet broke another traffic record, and the number of uploaded torrents has been growing steadily over the years too. Today, for the first time in its history, Mininova has over one million torrent files in its database.

On an average day, 3000 torrents are uploaded to Mininova, either anonymously, by members or premium publishers using Mininova’s content distribution system. Of course, torrents are also removed from the site too. All fake torrents or those linked occasionally to a virus have to go, but also some due to takedown requests from the copyright holder.

Mininova’s one million torrents by category


So how does Mininova compare to the competition, one might ask. Well the Pirate Bay has 765,000 torrents on their site, although they track twice as many files. IsoHunt currently indexes 1,734,435 torrents, and Torrentz searches through 4,070,699. The latter is a meta-search engine though, and doesn’t host any files of its own.

However, to weigh these sites against each other is really like comparing apples and oranges, since they all have different policies regarding older content. On some sites you’ll find thousands of torrents without any seeds or peers, while the other removes dead files quickly. The overall trend, however, is that more content is added than removed on all BitTorrent sites, and because of this they keep on growing.


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