Mininova Wins .com Domain, Takes Down Scammer

Home > Piracy > has won the transfer of the domain in a dispute, and successfully put a scammer out of business. The .com scammer has been a thorn in the side of mininova for a long time. Thousands of people who signed up at were charged money without ever receiving something in return.

mininovaEarlier this year already claimed the .net domain, which was handed over to them by it’s former owner without any problems. The .com domain was a different story.

The site hosted at the .com domain was a classic example of a phishing scam. Users were charged a fee from their credit card which they were told gave the access to over a million torrents. However, after they paid the fee and attempted to login, the site just redirected to Not surprisingly, the team received hundreds of emails from people who fell for this trick and wanted their money back. was fed up with its fishy counterpart and decided to file a domain dispute. They had a strong case. First of all registered the MININOVA trademark with the Benelux Office of Intellectual Property Trademark. Secondly, the owner of the .com domain registered the domain “in bad faith”. The fact that was merely setup as a phishing scam was an important factor in granting the domain dispute. Here’s a snippet from the decision of the National Arbitration Forum.

Complainant ( provided multiple e-mails from Internet users describing their confusion, and describing the failure of Respondent to offer services in exchange for their registration payments. In this way, Respondent ( is taking advantage of the confusion of Internet users to attract them to Respondent's website to collect fraudulent registration fees.

However, it is all over now. The National Arbitration Forum concluded that established all three elements required under the ICANN Policy

1. is identical or confusingly similar to the mininova trademark
2. doesn’t have any legitimate interests in respect of the domain name
3. was registered and utilized in bad faith.

The .com domain is now transferred to the owner of who now owns the .com, .net, .org and the .nl domain. The former owner of the .com domain has 10 days to appeal, after that the transfer will be official. For now just use

Congrats Mininova, one scammer down.


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