MIT Harbors The Most P2P Pirates

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College students have always been prime targets for anti-piracy outfits such as the RIAA. Despite inundating students with mountains of threats and legal action, the number of copyright infringements committed by them have not declined. What did change though is the positioning of various universities in the list of most infringing establishments.

There are many school selection guides on the Internet, but none of them lists universities ranked by the number of recorded copyright infringements. Thanks to the copyright infringement “Trends & Insights” report published by BayTSP today, we can construct such a list.

In the United States, MIT is leading the list for the second year in a row, followed by the newcomer University of Washington. Purdue University dropped 4 spots and is now ranked 8th, but this could be due to the fact that students at Purdue launched their own private P2P network.

BayTSP reports that the overall number of copyright infringements hasn’t changed much over the past three years, despite the expensive anti-piracy systems that were implemented.

Copyright infringements per university in the US

p2p protocol

BayTSP also recorded statistics for non-US universities and schools, topped by the University of Botswana. Greece is well represented with four universities in the top 10 and Polish universities are up and coming with three entries. Sweden – home of The Pirate Bay – completes the top 10 with Uppsala University in second place and students from Gothenburg in 10th.

TorrentFreak discourages prospective students from using these lists to select an appropriate school.

Copyright infringements per university worldwide

p2p protocol


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