Movie Pirate Jailed for Seven Years

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Johnny Ray Gasca, a resident of Hollywood, has been sentenced to seven years in jail for recording a film with his camcorder in a local cinema. Gasca is the first to be convicted in a nationwide campaign against movie piracy.

Movie Pirate Jailed for Seven YearsIn total, Gasca was arrested three times for bringing a camcorder into cinemas. In 2002 he was arrested at private screenings of “The Core” and “8 Mile”. In 2003 he was caught on tape by a camera at a screening of “Anger Management”. The camera was meant to record the response of of audience to the movie, but could now be used to prove that Gasca was actually recording.

Gasca represented himself in this case and was found guilty of copyright infringement, using a fake social security number, and fleeing his lawyer’s custody. In his defense he said that he didn’t profit from the recordings. However, the prosecution found Garcia’s diary in which he wrote that he earned $4000 a week by selling illegal copies on the street.

“We are pleased that the court recognized Gasca’s crimes today with a fitting punishment,” said MPAA Chairman Dan Glickman in a response to the conviction.


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