MPAA Shows Off Anti-Piracy Dogs in Dubai

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The MPAA demonstrated one of its latest anti-piracy tools to their Arab colleagues in Dubai: Two black Labradors named Lucky and Flo. A "highly effective" tool in the "war against piracy" according to the MPAA.

dvd cd mpaa dogs lucky flow“We are used to dogs sniffing out explosives, firearms or drugs, but to be able to sniff out optical discs from luggage, that’s new,” said Scott Butler, President of the Arab Anti-piracy Union, in a response.

Lucky and Flo are trained to recognize DVDs and CDs, but unfortunately they cannot (yet) smell if the discs are pirated.

Dubai customs scan incoming containers and luggage with X-rays, but they are now considering to use disc-sniffing dogs as well. Ahmad bin Zaal, head of the Anti-Customs Crimes Tracking Unit said that this new “technology” will be implemented by Dubai Customs as soon as it’s approved by the authorities.

No, this is not satire, this one’s real.


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