MPAA: P2P Pirates Share 690 Million Movies a Year

doddSpeaking at the National Association of Attorneys General panel on campus piracy yesterday, MPAA boss Chris Dodd revealed some interesting stats.

“In the past year, according to Peer Media Technologies, there were more than 690 million uploads and downloads of unauthorized copies of major motion pictures via P2P technologies,” he said.

The above includes BitTorrent and other P2P technologies, but according to Dodd it’s just “a small portion of the piracy problem.”

“Infringing copies of movies were viewed uncounted millions of other times by accessing links on cyberlockers such as Megaupload, by streaming from largely foreign websites and through other technological means.”

MPAA’s boss stressed that the sites and services that allow and facilitate the mass-infringement are doing so for profit. Conveniently, he used the extravagant Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom as an example.

“Some continue to argue that the debate about piracy and counterfeiting is not about the money. Don’t believe it.”

“Just look at Mr. Dotcom. And he is not alone.”

While there are companies that are willingly profiting from mass-infringement, this is certainly not always the case.

But we can’t expect an MPAA boss to add that nuance.


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