MPAA: Stealing Movies Is A Risk to Internet Security

mpaaThe MPAA leaves no opportunity unused to make sure that people understand how dangerous movie piracy is.

Despite breaking records at the box office year after year, piracy is costing the U.S. economy several billion dollars.

At least that’s what the MPAA claims.

But the piracy ‘threat’ is not limited to the economy. It also threatens the entire Internet.

MPAA’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Policy Officer Paul Brigner wrote a small blog post explaining the problem.

Citing an article from Kaspersky, he claims that rogue websites, including perfectly legal operations such as Rapidshare according MPAA’s definition, are offloading all kinds of evil malware.

“All the more reason to keep rogue sites from reaching U.S. consumers. Stealing movies isn’t worth the risk to American jobs – or the risk to Internet security.”


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