MPAA Sues LimeWire Back From The Dead

Several major Hollywood studios don’t care that LimeWire is all but dead and buried, nor that the service was a pretty poor way to share large files such as movies.

After the record companies of the RIAA settled with LimeWire last year for $105 million, Twentieth Century Fox, Viacom, Disney, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. now want their share of the spoils.

“The illegality of LimeWire has been fully and finally adjudicated by the Court,” the complaint as published by Courthouse News reads.

“In a related case, Arista Records LLC v. Lime Group LLC … the court found defendants liable for engaging in and facilitating massive copyright infringement.”

The complaint lists 53 infringed works including TV shows South Park and Family Guy, and movies such as Avatar, Shrek and Harry Potter.

In exchange for the relatively small outlay of filing the case, there could be a good payout for the studios if the court agrees their rights have been infringed. Which it almost certainly will.



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