Nintendo Anti-Piracy Measures Defeated Immediately

Earlier this week Nintendo released a new firmware update for the DSi and DSi XL. The release was done in a fairly low-key manner suggesting that there aren’t many (if any) new consumer features being added.

Unsurprisingly, the v1.4.2 update did successfully block flash cards, the devices which allow the playing of back up games.

Success, however, is a term used loosely in this instance since Nintendo’s counter-measures were almost immediately defeated.

“Attention: If your NDSi has been updated to V1.4.2 [then] your R4iDSN can not work on it,” wrote the manufacturer of the R4iDSN flash card on their website yesterday.

On the same page, however, the company provides a patch to overcome this temporary glitch and undo all of Nintendo’s anti-piracy work to date.


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