Norwegian Pirate Party Gets Official Recognition

Earlier this week the Australian Pirate Party was approved by its government as a political party.

Despite claims by the ignorant that it’s just a ‘one trick pony’, the political movement based on transparency & accountability of government officials; increased personal privacy; and reform of copyright, trademark and patent laws can chalk up yet another country – Norway.

The Norwegian Pirate Party announced its new status in a low-key manner, with a tweet. Now Norwegians nationwide can vote Pirate.

It’s a fast turnaround for a party that only started a serious quest for recognition in July. To do so, they had to collect 5000 signatures by January 1, 2013.

The recognition from the Register in Brønnøysund indicates they made that goal. However, it’s just the first step. In an email to TorrentFreak, the party warned that they still have to organize chapters in all 19 counties, and they hope to do so by the next election on September 9 this year.


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