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The Pirate Bay ‘Moves’ to North Korea (Updated)

The Pirate Bay says it has been offered virtual asylum in North Korea. The move comes after the Norwegian Pirate Party was forced to stop routing traffic for the infamous BitTorrent site by a local copyright group. "We can reveal that we have been invited by the leader of the…

Anti-Piracy Group Will Use New Law to Block The Pirate Bay

Following news that music, movie and TV show piracy has been declining in Norway for years, entertainment industry companies and their anti-piracy groups are back to settle some unfinished business. After spending large sums of money on prolonged and unsuccessful legal action to block The Pirate Bay, they will now…

OiNK Down, Norwegian BitTorrent Trackers Next

With the BitTorrent world spinning on its heels after the shock takedown of the huge OiNK tracker, there are now indications that the shutdowns may continue. According to the lawyer who lost against 'DVD Jon', next stop is Norway and raids are imminent.

Pirate Site Blocking Legislation Approved By Norwegian Parliament

Norway has moved an important - some say unstoppable - step towards legislative change that will enable the aggressive tackling of online copyright infringement. Proposed amendments to the Copyright Act, which will make it easier for rightsholders to monitor file-sharers and have sites such as The Pirate Bay blocked at…

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