OiNK Makes a Statement Which Seems to Support the BitTorrent Hydra

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After being hijacked by the police for a few days, OiNK.cd returned to its rightful owner. The tracker won't return anytime soon but Oink.cd is now linking to a Google search that links to a list of private BitTorrent trackers.

Brokep wrote an article today summing up some of the alternatives to OiNK. Soon after that the OiNK admin updated the frontpage of the waffle site and put up a link to a Google search that leads to Brokep’s article: what to use instead of oink.

So basically, OiNK.cd is now linking to a google search result that links to a blog entry by Brokep that lists several private music trackers that have links (torrents) to copyrighted music albums.

The point OiNK is making here is that Google is no different from OiNK – both sites link to infringing content – something he earlier told Telegraph. The big question is: “is linking illegal?”

Besides making a statement, the revived OiNK website is also supporting “the hydra“. The problem the BitTorrent community has currently, is that a few big sites carry the majority of the weight. Resources need to be spread around in a manner which ensures that a few ‘big bombs’ are unable to dismantle major parts of the infrastructure, and by supporting smaller trackers to grow, the hydra will become even more invincible.

They can take one BitTorrent tracker down but others will grow. OiNK was without a doubt the most popular music BitTorrent tracker, but now its down, smaller trackers will be eager to fill the gap.

oink hydra

Update: The old index2.html was also transferred, with a few updates of course. Check the page source if you want a laugh, they actually used MS Word as their html editor.

Waffles FTW!


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