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In the wake of the OiNK takedown, many thousands of people started to panic today when they tried to access EZTV and instead got directed to Google. But there is no need to worry, EZTV is alive and well and now available via two new domains.

eztv tv torrent distribution group

It’s understandable why the BitTorrent community feels a bit jittery this week after the shock demise of the OiNK tracker, particularly when another top site seemingly disappeared today.

Back in March we described EZTV as ‘the leading TV-torrent distribution group’ so when people tried to access www.eztvefnet.org today and got simply directed back to Google, panic started to creep in.

Luckily, this error is the result of some administrative issues and EZTV is alive, well and offering this message to their users:

Due to some misunderstandings during the transfers of domains relating to EZTV, the domain www.eztvefnet.org has been temporarily lost and now appears to redirect to a google query for EZTV. While we are working on resolving this issue, please be advised that there are alternative domains leading to our site – www.eztv.it and www.eztv.nl

NovaKing, admin at EZTV told TorrentFreak: “We are currently having some dns issues with eztvefnet.org so would like to inform our loyal fans that we prefer for people to start using the shorter easier to remember domain names!”


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