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Downloading TV episodes has become extremely popular within the BitTorrent/P2P community. However, some of you might not be completely familiar with all the TV-Torrent tags. The filename of a TV-Torrent contains a set of tags that give you information things like the source, quality, and release group.

Source Tags

These tags indicate the source and are an indication of the “quality” of the rip.

TVRip: Recorded from analog TV, lowest quality of all TV rips

DSRip: Recorded from Digital Satellite, good quality rip

PDTV: Recorded from Pure Digital Source, but not HDTV. The quality is similar to a DSRip

HDTV: Recorded from a HDTV source. High video and sound quality. The video resolution is often 624×352, and the audio stream 128kb/s MP3

HR.HDTV: Best Quality There is. Recorded from a HDTV source. The video resolution is often around 960×540 which is half the size of the original HDTV broadcast. A 45 minute show is often 700MB instead of 350MB like the other releases.

Release Group Tags

The groups that release the episodes often include their group tag. The 10 most active tv-release groups are:


Market Share (cte)

BitTorrent tv release groups


Sometimes the filename has some info about the compression format. For video you will often see Xvid or Divx, this means that you need these codecs if you want to play the file. An example of an audio tag is AC3.5.1. The audio tag is often included in high quality rips to indicate that the audio is not compressed.


Proper: The proper tag is to indicate that the show is released before by a different release group, but that this release is of higher quality.

Repack: The Repack tag indicates that this is an improved version of an earlier release. If the initial release contains sound or video errors for example, the second release will have a repack tag.


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