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Targetpoint, an ad-company that is offering targeted ads is targeting BitTorrent sites. Targetpoint recognizes the potential that most BitTorrent sites have, and is already a partner of several torrent sites. Most of the time it stays with serving ads on a pay per click basis, but they sometimes go even further, and try to buy these sites.

According to a respectable source TorrentFreak was told that Targetpoint tried to buy Meganova. Meganova is worth investing in since the site became extremely popular within a short period of time. Many people praise Meganova for its high speed, and the clean look.

TorrentFreak asked Meganova owner Bogaa if these rumors are true. And indeed, Bogaa confirmed the story:

Yes, Targetpoint made an offer to buy Meganova. They offered $20.000, 30% of the ad revenues and an additional $1000 per month. We do however prefer to continue working with Targetpoint on a pay per click basis.

Meganova is not the only BitTorrent site that Targetpoint is interested in. They are currently working with sites like Isohunt, The Piratebay and Mininova. And according to a our source they even have a 37% share in The Piratebay .

It started a couple of months ago when Targetpoint contracted two major adult content BitTorrent sites Empornium and PureTna. Empornium has approximately 650,000 active users; they moved their servers from the US to The Netherlands after the acquisition by Targetpoint in August 2005.

So it seems that Targetpoint is willing to invest in sites that have trouble getting advertisers through other channels such as Google’s Adsense because these sites are (assumed to be) associated with copyright infringement.

Targetpoint was founded in 2004 and is an Israeli company, with servers located in the Netherlands. In these countries offering .torrent files is not considered to be act of copyright infringement.


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