BREIN Takes 343 ‘Pirate’ Sites Offline, Warns Uploaders


Anti-piracy outfit BREIN has produced a detailed overview of its achievements in 2015. In addition to taking almost 350 sites offline after threatening their hosts, the Netherlands-based group targeted key individuals in the file-sharing space, including release group members and the moderator of major torrent site.

Movie Studios Target Torrent users Over Leaked Screeners

Hollywood studios have sent thousands of warnings to Internet subscribers whose connections were used to share leaked DVD screeners. The warnings have no immediate consequences for the affected subscribers but are meant to deter pirates from sharing the high profile leaks.

Hateful Eight Producer: Google Uses Fair Use as Piracy Distraction


After his new movie was downloaded more than a million times after being leaked in December, the producer of The Hateful Eight has directed his displeasure towards Google. Richard Gladstein suggests the search giant has the ability to wipe out piracy but is throwing up a 'fair use' smokescreen to…

The Pirate Bay Switches on New .MS Domain


The Pirate Bay has put a new domain name into circulation. Starting this week TPB has officially switched on the Montserrat-based domain name The new addition is welcome since the torrent site recently lost control over most of its active domain names.

‘Fun’ Torrent Site Could Result in Jail, Millions in Damages

The alleged operator of a torrent site raided by police in 2012 is facing the prospect of years in jail despite authorities acknowledging he ran the site largely for fun. The 24-year-old is accused of ignoring warnings to close down SwePiracy and is now facing damages of almost $3 million…

Startup Leverages DMCA Notices As Artist Marketing Tool

Every day millions of pirates are being tracked by companies working for the entertainment industries. This data is often used to warn or even sue alleged offenders, but a new startup is taking a different route. Instead of punishing pirates they treat them as fans, allowing artists to use DMCA…

No More Pirated Games in Two Years, Cracking Group Warns

The founder of notorious Chinese cracking forum 3DM is warning that given the current state of anti-piracy technology, in two years there might be no more pirate games to play. The claims come after attempts to breach the Denuvo security protecting Just Cause 3 pushed the group's cracking expert to…

U.S. Govt Reviews Impact and Efficacy of DMCA Safe Harbor

The U.S. Government has launched a public consultation to evaluate the effectiveness of the DMCA's Safe Harbor provisions. The study aims to signal problems with the current takedown procedures and also addresses the repeat infringer issue that affects ISPs, copyright takedown abuses, and the ever-increasing volume of DMCA notices.