Voksi Releases Detailed Denuvo-Cracking Video Tutorial

Over the past few years, the name Voksi has become synonymous with game cracking, in particular when it comes to anti-Denuvo activities. This week the talented Bulgarian released a 90-minute video in which he reveals how he cracked V4 of the infamous anti-tamper technology. TorrentFreak caught up with him for the lowdown.

MPA Met With Russian Site-Blocking Body to Discuss Piracy


Last week, Stan McCoy, president of the Motion Picture Association's EMEA division, met with the head of Russia's telecoms watchdog in Moscow. Rozcomnadzor says that a number of issues were discussed, including strengthening international cooperation. For once, Russia had some anti-piracy achievements to boast about that the United States couldn't match.

Chrome and Firefox Block 123movies Over “Harmful Programs”


Chrome and Firefox are actively blocking direct access to the popular pirate streaming site 123movies, also known as 123movieshub and Gomovies. According to Google's Safe Browsing diagnostics service, the site contains "harmful programs," most likely triggered by suspicious advertisements running on the site.

Pirate ‘Kodi’ Boxes & Infringing Streams Cost eBay Sellers Dearly

Ebay and social media are popular places to sell and obtain 'pirate' streaming devices but for two sellers, things haven't gone to plan. According to the Premier League and partners the Federation Against Copyright Theft, the men have agreed to pay £18,000 and £8,000 respectively, for supplying piracy-configured Kodi boxes and subscriptions to illicit streams.

Man Handed Conditional Prison Sentence for Spreading Popcorn Time Information

A man from Denmark has been handed a six-month conditional prison sentence for spreading information about Popcorn Time. In what is being described as a first for Europe, the man was convicted after telling people how to download, install and use the movie streaming service. He was also ordered to forfeit $83,300 in ad revenue and complete 120 hours community service.

RIAA: Cox Ruling Shows that Grande Can Be Liable for Piracy Too

Internet Provider Grande Communications can be held liable for contributing copyright infringement, the RIAA argued at a Texas federal court this week. Responding to the ISP's motion to dismiss, the music industry group submits last week's Fourth Circuit ruling in the Cox case as additional evidence that the ISP failed to meet its obligations.

Jailed Streaming Site Operator Hit With Fresh $3m Damages Lawsuit


Following a landmark trial last May, a founder of streaming site Swefilmer was jailed for an unprecedented three years, longer than any defendant even in the Pirate Bay case. With an appeal hearing just weeks away, he's just been hit with a fresh $3m damages claim. "This is about organized crime and grossly criminal individuals who earned huge sums on our and others' content," the plaintiffs explain.