Creative Content UK Aims to Re-Educate Book Pirates

The UK government's multi-million pound campaign to deter Internet piracy is now hoping to reach out to book fans. A new and rather pleasant video published under the Creative Content UK banner extols the virtues of buying books from genuine sources, but whether it will resonate with the younger generation…

Instagram Sued for Failing to Remove Copyrighted Photo

Photographer Jennifer Rondinelli Reilly has filed a lawsuit against Instagram, claiming that the image sharing service failed to remove infringing copies of her work. In a complaint filed at a federal court in California, Reilly demands a permanent injunction against the image sharing service and compensation for the damage she…

KickassTorrents Celebrates ‘Happy Torrents Day’


For the fifth year in a row KickassTorrents is celebrating Happy Torrents Day by encouraging users to download and share as much as possible. The initiative is dedicated to "freedom of sharing" and the latest edition features various challenges and competitions.

Piracy Group Thanks HDFury as “Sponsor” for Netflix Leak


As part of a recent HD leak of the Netflix movie Pee-wee's Big Holiday, Scene group 'Team QCF' has openly thanked HDFury and described the tech outfit as one of its sponsors. The mention is rather controversial as HDFury's parent company is being sued in the U.S. over the piracy-enabling…

UK Government Video Urges Advertisers to Boycott Pirate Sites

The UK's Intellectual Property Office has published a video which urges advertisers to boycott 'pirate' sites. The video claims that since torrent and similar sites facilitate "fraud, organized crime, and even terrorism", advertisers should liaise with the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit to gain access to a special advertising blacklist.

‘Pirate’ Sites Ordered to Pay $450,000 for Expendables 3 Leak

A federal court in California has ordered the operators of three file-sharing sites to pay $150,000 each for copyright infringement offenses. The men are being held responsible for their role in distributing leaked copies of The Expendables 3 and must now compensate movie studio LionsGate for the damages it has…

RuTracker to Bypass Web Blockade With IM Delivered Torrents


Torrent giant RuTracker is proving that wherever there's a web blockade, there's a way to bypass it. In a move already being criticized by record labels, RuTracker is said to be preparing a bot system that will utilize Russian Facebook founder Pavel Durov's Telegram messaging system to deliver uncensored magnet…