Indian Movie Actor Mobbed By Press After Arrest of Torrent Site Admin

Actor Vishal Krishna, who also takes a prominent anti-piracy stance in the local film industry, was at the center of extraordinary scenes last night in India. Following reports that a prominent site operator had been arrested, Vishal was mobbed by excited members of the press brandishing a swathe of microphones. Clearly, Internet piracy is a big deal in India these days.

Narcos’ Cali Cartel Threatens to ‘Kill’ Illegal Downloaders


A few years ago Netflix wasn't all too worried about piracy but now that it produces a lot of original content, this has changed. The company now has a "Global Copyright Protection Group" and also enlists its 'own' stars to address the issue head on. The executive board of 'Cali Cartel' in the hit series Narcos threatens to 'kill' those who dare to download the show from "shitty websites."

KinoX / Movie4K Admin Detained in Kosovo After Three-Year Manhunt


In 2014, police in Germany revealed a manhunt for two brothers said to be behind streaming sites Movie4K and KinoX. Unusually, authorities claimed the pair were violent and possibly armed, hardly common traits among pirate site operators. It's now been revealed that one of the brothers has handed himself into the German embassy in Kosovo.

SceneAccess Torrent Tracker Shuts Down

SceneAccess has thrown in the towel. Its admins pulled the plug on the private tracker after operating for more than a decade. According to a public notice, the decision was the result of dwindling donations, which made it hard to pay the bills.

Music Industry Urges YouTube to Block Stream Rippers


Last week the world's leading YouTube ripping site shut down after reaching a settlement with several major record labels and its representatives. The shutdown of YouTube-MP3 followed a lawsuit in the US, but many music industry insiders feel that it shouldn't have got that far. Instead, they want Google and YouTube to address the ripping problem at its root.

Demonoid Hopes to Return to Its Former Glory


The semi-private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid returned from the ashes earlier this year and is slowly rebuilding its community. The site's founder, who's back in charge once again, is working on a new and improved version of the site and hopes Demonoid will one day return to its former glory.